snoringbeautee. Briana (snoringbeautee) wrote in thequestionclub,
snoringbeautee. Briana

inspired by Oprah.

Watching Oprah I saw Dr.Oz answer many questions on health staying young. Well Dr. Oz suggests having sex at least 200 times a year and it will increase your life expectancy by years.

I found this to be a surprising number. My boyfriend and I at this point go over and beyond this number but this is the first year we've lived together, but I doubt it will stay this way years to come.

Does anyone think this an achievable number (which is 4 times a week)? Does anyone think they will (according to Oz) increase their life expectancy?

>>God people are gonna think I'm sex crazied after my few posts. But my last one was more of a hygiene question.
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