Kate (squeeblette) wrote in thequestionclub,

crazy so?

I just got a text message from some random girl asking me if I was dating a friend of mine who I spoke to yesterday. Me and him hadn't spoken in about six months until yesterday because he needed someone to help him move his stuff across town I have a truck, so he called me. I was busy yesterday but told him I'd give him a call when I was free. He and I call each other hun.

So apparently the girl is his girlfriend and had gone through the text messages on his phone (while he wasn't around), and decided to message me asking "Hey, my name's "____". Weird question for ya, are you and "____" like dating each other or seeing each other?"

I ended up messaging her back telling her that we weren't dating, that we were old friends and that I was pretty sure that she was his girlfriend (I'd heard about her already). Eventually it was sorted out that I was not someone her boyfriend was cheating on her with.

Who would be a bit miffed or annoyed if their SO did this?

I definitely would...


I'm very strongly wanting to tell him, this isn't outstepping my boundaries as an old friend is it? I think he needs to know that she's checking up on him in this way. Would you tell him?

EDIT #2!!:

Just so you're all given the full story, she said she was just going to use his phone to post a picture (not sure entirely what she means by that) Just figured I'd y'know, full story it up and such
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