oh & time's a loaded gun. (heaven_falling) wrote in thequestionclub,
oh & time's a loaded gun.

srs questions!!!!!! or not

1. Dear TQC,

For the past four days I have been commuting 45 min south for 8-11:45 class and then again 45 minutes north to school for 6:30-9:30(pm) class. I have Friday off. I'm tired to say the least. Should I

a. Substitute teach tomorrow to make money since I'm not working until class is over or
b. Sleep the hell in, not drive anywhere, and read for my classes occasionally

Oh moral dilemmas... also some random driving questions to those that drive that I think of since I've been driving a lot.

2.  How old is your car? What color?
3. Windows down or AC?
4. What's the worst weather you've ever driven in?
5. Do you like driving? Long drives? Short drives? No drives?
6. Highest speed limit in your area?

1. I don't know, this is why I turn to TQC :(
2. 12 years old... light blue... I love its crappiness.
3. I am forced to drive with my windows down because my AC is broken... it only bothers me when I have to be in the car for a while or I'm stuck in traffic 'cause it gets too hot.
4. Um, I try to avoid driving in bad weather, but yesterday when I had to drive to night class the SECOND I got onto the interstate highway it started torrentially downpouring. I couldn't see a freaking foot in front of me.  I hate that so much. Luckily I made it there okay even if it took me twice as long.
5. It depends... I hate certain roads... I like the drive to my school up north because interstate highways = straight shot with no lights, but going south I hit allllll these lights and it sucks so hardcore. I dislike crowded roads so anything local.
6. 65...I ask this because my SO drove to Florida the other day and hit areas where it was higher.
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