Felicia Fancybottom (earthquake) wrote in thequestionclub,
Felicia Fancybottom

Okay, this question is gonna seem really lame and high school, but here goes. So there's this girl in my class who I've been on alright terms with for like, the past four years (though we're not close) but she's suddenly taken to being really rude and sarcastic to me for no apparent reason.

She'll make really smartass remarks to anything I say, even if what I'm saying isn't particularly rude or whatever. I even asked a friend of hers who told me that she was just trying to 'out-sarcasm' me, whatever the hell that means. And it's really annoying because the stuff she says isn't funny in the least and sometimes, barely makes sense at all. So a few weeks back, I tried talking to her nicely to make her stop and she was okay about it, only she never stopped.

And I pretty much snapped at her today and told her that what she was doing wasn't clever, or witty and that she was trying way too hard to prove something and she (predictably), replied with this smartass remark that I was too pissed off to hear.

So the question is, TQC, if she insists on going on with this, how can I get her to stop?

Also, sorry for being so longwinded. :|
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