Ambiguity (pixsky) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Have you ever heard a eulogy that had more to do with the person giving it than the person it was meant to be about?

Anyone want to describe the most selfish person they can think of? (feel free to elaborate and have a little rant, if it helps)

I think my cousin (26 going on 7), who gave a ten minute eulogy at my grandmother's funeral yesterday to his own childhood, my grandmother's old home, an essay he'd written in year 10 about visiting his grandmother's home and all the fun times he and his brother had playing there, 'going nuts', her old metal detector, the goats who lived in a paddock next door, that one time grandad told him off when his brother got hurt... in short, nothing about the fact that she was a person aside from being 'his grandma', and very little about her at all. He started to finish up with a teary 'Dementia...stole MY GRANDMA.. from ME' (when he had visited her once in the seven years she had been in the aged care facility, and perhaps once or twice in the few years proceeding that, once he was no longer dragged up there by his dad). It made me feel sick, that he couldn't respect her memory enough to let her own funeral be about someone other than himself.
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