Andrea (piggiepi) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have self-diagnosed ADD. So here's some random questions for y'all!

1. Isn't store brand food just as good as name brand?

2. Do you use chopsticks when eating Asian food? What about food from your own country?

3. What is your favorite dipping sauce for chicken nuggets/strips?

4. What kind of cell phone do you have (make and model) and what company do you have service through?

5. Is the Wii really that awesome? I'm getting one soon, and other than Mario Party 8 (woo!), what game would you suggest as a multiplayer? Single-player?

6. letsplaygodie27, will you be my new LJ friend?

1. depends, but typically yes. There are some things that can't compare, like potato chips and pretzels...
2. Of course.. Sometimes when I eat American food too, but it depends on what it is. I like chopsticks cause I'd rather grab than stab. :P
3. For McDonald's and Burger King nuggets I like honey, for general strips at a restaurant I like ranch or occasionally honey mustard if they have a good kind. At home, it's either honey or barbeque sauce... I love KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce.
4. Sanyo SCP-8400 through Sprint.
5. You tell me!
6. please?
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