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Urban sprawl of standardized housing.


So, I have a strong belief that "family" are the people who are there for you and treat you right...not necessarily blood related people.

I have a grandparents who I loathe with a passion because my dad's mother has brainwashed her husband. They both badmouth me and my brother although we're the most "well off" in life grandchildren they have.  She has talked bad about my mother my whole life (my parents are divorced now), and has continued to talk bad about me to my father for several years now.

In 2004 I decided to stop talking to her because I got sick of the superficial relationship, her whining, and her arrogance.  She invited my dad to Christmas dinner in 04 and I asked if I could go and she said "I'm too OLD to put down another plate!"...I havn't seen her since.  That was the last straw for me!  I started making my dad pies for his birthday and she thinks I"m doing it in spite of her (she quit making him pies for his birthday, so I picked up the slack cus I love my dad!), then she badmouthed me to my dad some more. My dad never sticks up for me when she does this (for sakes he didn't even learn to dress himself until he moved out of her house).  I sent her a wedding invitation which they completely ignored, but I only sent it to them because my dad asked me to.

My question is, do you think I should call her and try to repair this relationship? Is she just a hopeless old bat and it probably has nothing to do with me?  It really hurts my father that I have nothing to do with them and avoid them at all costs.  But I really want to stick a pencil in this broad's eye!

Do any of you have similar family members like this?
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