robin86 (robin86) wrote in thequestionclub,

You know when you remember a book, the basic plot, and all that, and want to read it again, but forgot the title and author?

The book that's stuck in my head was about a girl whose mom died after she was born. There was a whole thing on magpies foreshadowing her death. She grew up and talked to two ghosts, an older lady and a girl. They stayed with her for most of her life, when she became a nurse, (I think) and changed some of the choices she would have made. That was the basic plot. I even remember what the covor looked like: It was of a woman floating in a woodsy-looking lake, with red (either flower petals, leaves, or fabric, I forget) around her. I can't remember the title, though, and it's driving me crazy! Can anyone help me?

Also, read any good books lately? I usually only read fantasy, and mostly young adult fantasy. (because it hasn't quite succumbed to the dozen-book-long-farmer-turned-king-who-will-save-the-world-from-evil plotline so many "adult" fantasies have) I really like stories that steatch the imagination, even if not actual fantasies (gotta love magic realism). Any recomendations?

Thanks a ton!

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