mandapants74 (mandapants74) wrote in thequestionclub,

Paging Dr. LJ!

To those who have broken their nose:
We think our dog Tray broke my nose last night.

He and I were playing on the bed and he got excited and smashed into my face. HARD. Today the bridge of my nose is noticeably swollen and a little discolored, though according to Kevin, I'm not unattractive at all (dork).

It is also a little bruised and painful to touch or when I climb stairs or go on a long dogwalking adventure (what I'm trying to say getting my blood flowing makes it pulse) and it kind of feels like I have a headache in my nose even just sitting here.

Will the swelling go down or should I go to my ENT (who also does facial plastic surgery) for a check to make sure nothing is out of order? I've already got a deviated septum and it's a lot harder to breath today than it is normally because one of my nostrils is almost completely closed.

Does anyone have advice for me regarding this situation? Do I call my ENT tomorrow? It's no emergency, right(I'd really like to avoid going to the ER for this)? My husband seems to think I have 24 hours to fix it or I have to live with it but is he confusing a broken nose with stitches? Please help me Dr. LJ!

EDIT: I just got off the phone with the on-call doctor and after she caught her breath from laughing so hard, she told me to get in to my ENT in the morning for X-ray and to get this fixed because my septum is probably deviated since I can see the nostril wall closing off one side.

Too bad my nose has always been cute because she thinks I'm about to get a free (great insurance) nose job!
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