. (catchthoserays) wrote in thequestionclub,

What's the greatest number of AP classes you took in one year in high school?
How many, in your opinion, is too many?

Next year is my senior year of high school, and I'm already taking AP Lit (which will be easy and not much work because of the teacher), and AP Calculus (which is harder and has a good bit of work). My school has just decided to make AP Environmental Science available, and while I REALLY want to take this class because it sounds so interesting, I also heard from a friend of a friend that the teacher gives a lot of work (labs, projects, tests). Naturally I don't want to take the class if I can't commit fully to it, and I also don't want to pull down my GPA much.

I am interning next year (but only during school hours so I can't see how this would be much of a problem concerning having sufficient time for studying, if I have to, for Calc and possibly Environ.). I work 3 hours a day after school, and on Mondays/Wednesdays will usually have club meetings to attend. I am an officer in 2 of those clubs (but have co-officers in each club). If needed, I could skip some meetings though, as they're all pretty lax.

If I took AP Environment do you think I'd be able to actually, you know, SLEEP?

I'm really worried about burning myself out, not having enough time to have fun, bringing down my GPA, etc.

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