Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

dancing shoes?

My sneakers are literally falling apart, next week I'm replacing them. Budget is about 50 dollars tops. So, given that the roughest thing I do to my feet is dancing, does anyone have recommendations for that purpose? Mainly to avoid serious pain and foot/leg injuries from beating my feet up too much, next priority is endurance on the dance floor, general comfort is the last major concer. Be they sneakers, dress shoes, even boots, whatever will help most dancing in a rave/club type environment. Lots of fast leg movements and hard stomps and jumping around.

Oh, that budget is in US Dollars, and I live in CT but may travel to neighboring states for the shoes if I can combine that with another trip. Online *might* be an option, but I want to be able to try the shoes on, occasionally a company will measure sizes differently or somethign and I'll end up needing as much as a full size off my "official" shoe size for it to fit right, so any online purchase would need to allow for return in case of a mis-size.

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