EJ (unmistakable) wrote in thequestionclub,

7 Random Q's

1) Anyone have any experience with bonded hair extensions? What are/were they like? How much did you or someone you know pay for them? Would you reccommend extensions?

2) I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks ... other than the usual gamble, club hop thing, what other things do suggest I do. I'm going with my boyfriend.

3) Did you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark as a kid?

4) If you had to move to a country other than where you currently reside, where would you go?

5) Do you have any characteristics pertaining to your personality that others would consider a flaw but you consider a quality? If so, what?

6) What's your dream job/career? Not including, I'd just be rich - blah blah ... you actually have to EARN your dough.

7) What will you be doing during the next 3.5 months?

Edited: to fix numbering haha thanks 60mph
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