anticipatedmssg (anticipatedmssg) wrote in thequestionclub,

3 completely unrelated questions

1.  if you had the opportunity to break/ruin anything you wanted by any means what would it be and how??
(fire, spray painting, sledge hammer, etc.=all acceptable methods)

2.  does it really matter to you if people in customer service positions are courteous or not (not=just being plain and getting the job done=not saying hello, how are you, thank you etc) --do you ever do those consumer surveys on receipts?

3.  does anyone know how long it takes simple strikes on your credit report to go away?? (by this i mean, a collection agency was alerted to collect my medical costs, i had most of them taken care of b/c my insurance just needed to be updated w/information, but i have to pay the remainder of the balance now, i started paying today and should be done by another month or 2, do you know how long it'll take to go off my credit record? i'm trying to make it perfect again *sigh*)



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