6' girl (jilicious) wrote in thequestionclub,
6' girl

1. Is anyone else kind of sad that everyone is putting angry eyebrows on their icons a la thatbitchfiona?

2. Is there any restriction with the new USPS rate change regarding the metal clasps on manila envelopes? My boss says yes, but the usps.com website says 100% nothing about it, and I just called the usps number and they were like "a-durrrr, we dunno."

3. Did you know that in school zones, when the sign says "NO PASSING" that means that you cannot pass the car in the lane next to you? As in, you cannot go faster in your own lane than the car in the lane next to you, if that car hit the zone before you. Your bumper cannot pass his bumper, or vice versa if you hit the zone first, until you drive past the crosswalk?

3. I did NOT know this until traffic school and as I witnessed today in the school zone, neither do a lot of people.
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