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1- When typing in your browser's address bar, do you still type in "http://"? Do you have an old browser that requires it, if so?

2- Last thing you smelled that was really nice?

3- Oddest thing that shouldn't be used for what it is in your house/office/whatever, but is anyway? (IE, a human skull as a potpourri holder, an old tv as a fish tank, whatever :P)

4- Who do you hate today?

5- Last news story that you came across today that interested you? Links are cool.

1- Nope.
2- A page in a magazine I bought. It's a 'rub and sniff' dealie for some lotion... I've left it open to that page about half an hour. It claims to be calming, and... well, it IS. I must buy some. :)
3- A seashell with paperclips in it. Laaaaame. XD
4- Me. I'm sore, and feeling like crap, and looking like crap, and probably coming down with a cold. Damn body of mine. D:
5- This one, about a new version of the RAZR. I'm mad, since I gave up on RAZRs and got a whole other company's phone, and then they put out THAT. D: Oh well, I like my new phone.. still sucks. :(
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