Angela (aint2nuts) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay question club, time to be parent for me

Here is the background that you need to answer the question:

My daughter is 9. Too young and (as you will be able to tell) too immature for contacts. She wears glasses.

She is reading a year behind her peers because when she doesn't wear her glasses (which is often, hence the coming question) she can't see to read very well.

I have bought 6 pairs of glasses that she has 'lost' over the past two years. I am on SSI, and I can't afford to replace them at 100 bucks plus a pop. Other things, like good food to eat were not had because we had to, yet again, buy her new glasses.

Just as a side note, she is very popular in school, makes friends easily, has many friends. She also wears braces. She said she is not being teased about her glasses (she was initially isn't now).

Here is my question. 4 out of 5 school days, despite my telling her multiple times to wear her glasses, to put them on. I find that she doesn't put on the glasses or takes them off as soon as she gets to school.

She has been put on restriction, and priveledges have slowly been taken away, so that now, all she can basically do for the next two weeks, is read, do homework and play quietly inside. No tv, video games, computer time... nothing. She is on restriction to the house for the glasses and for stealing something. Previously we tried her EARNING extra priveledges for wearing her glasses. That didn't work.

Today, she didn't wear her glasses AGAIN.

This is not a matter of forgetting. She is willfully disobeying me. She is told her put her glasses and wear her glasses at school and she isn't doing it. She is falling further and further behind because of it.

So, dear question club. Parents or not. I ask you. What should I be doing differently to help her to wear the glasses?

What did your parents do to make you wear your glasses?
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