Dandelions Have Deep Roots (potatodragon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Dandelions Have Deep Roots

i was pretty rude to my boyfriend last night; basically i just wanted to be alone and i was grumpy - it had been a long day and i had bad allergies. normally i'd apologize today, but i'm thinking about not doing it this time because whenever i do, he just says something like, "Yeah, what was up with that?" or "yeah, you were pretty rude/bitchy" or "yeah, i REALLY didn't like that." when he replies like that, it usually makes me mad again. all i want is an "it's okay, don't worry about it," especially since he knew very well i was dead tired and allergic, but he never replies like that. do you think this is selfish of me? should i apologize regardless of the fact that what he says in reply may very well make me angry again? should i just let it go and assume he knew i was having a bad evening? has anyone else had to deal with someone like that, someone who doesn't really accept apologies, just likes to revisit the events that led up to the apology? i'm just looking for advice since i'm thinking about trying something different in my way of handling this kind of situation... thanks in advance...
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