caro (rockinthesuburb) wrote in thequestionclub,

skin care

this is a weird question, but i have large pores and they bother me! i would like to try to get them to appear smaller, but i don't know how to go about doing this.. i have tried to use the "blackhead removing" masks and junk, but they never seem to work. i don't have acne (in the sense of pimples), but they bother me.
my skin doesn't get very dry, but it's not oily... i guess it is normal, and i use mosturizer in the morning after i wash my face, just because it is habit and i feel like my face is a desert by mid-day if i don't.
does anybody have any suggestions... keeping in mind that i am a broke college student (so it should be kind of cheap, but effective).
thank you in advance!

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