Baby Bloodheart (babybloodheart) wrote in thequestionclub,
Baby Bloodheart

If a forum is given nothing but your e-mail address how from this can they get your birthdate and place of work?
I've been letting my friend use my e-mail address to register with a forum, no other information was given - she has been posting in a teen forum and the moderators do not like the fact she is posting information on sexual health (when asked by other members), she has been doing no differant than other members, the difference is that she knows information most teens don't. They have sent an e-mail to her - my e-mail address - telling her that she is over age for the teen forum, giving my birthdate and that they will tell her employer of her actions - being as my friend works in the same place as I do that might be an issue for me.
I don't want to have to tell her she can't use the forum anymore, she shouldn't have to stop using the forums, it's the principle of the thing, they are stopping her from posting for being informed.
Now, the work thing I suppose could be figured out by IP addresses or something, but how on earth did they get the birth date?
Could they actually cause me trouble with this?

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