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When you vote (and you better vote, biznatches!), are you open about who you've voted for or do you keep it a secret?

I ask because my mom votes but she's super-duper secretive about who she votes for. Even in like... a local school board election or something like that. In fact, she kind of gets offended if you dare to ask her who she's voted for. Even immediate family. She acts as though I'm going to stink-bomb her house or something if I don't agree with her choice. It's very, very personal to her.

And I don't get that. When I vote for someone, I've only done so because I believe in them strongly enough that I'm not ashamed to have done so, and am perfectly open about who I have voted/plan to vote for.

Is this a generational thing? Because from what I've observed, a great deal of people in my generation are very outspoken about their political choices. Or is my mom just unusual? I don't know anyone else who behaves the way she does about this stuff.

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