Wind & Static (hatchepsut) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wind & Static

this is cross posted in my LJ, but i need more answers so i was hoping you guys could help me out. this is for a slide show i want to do. possibly an outdoor slide show... so if anyone can help out an artist, it would be greatly apprciated! thanks!

okay so i came up with some quick questions to ask you. if you could please email your responses to it would be greatly apprciated. don't reply to this journal... some people may cheat, or feel intimidated by other peoples responses. the answers to these questions will help me focus a bit more in on what i want or what i can get more info on for the slide show. so here it goes:

what is your sexual orientation?
What is sexuality to you?
Describe the relationship between sex and intimacy.

what would your definition of fetish be?
What is your fetish?
Where do you let this fetish live (i.e. bedroom, work, kitchen...)

How old are you?
Do you think your age effects your sexuality?
have you had a sexual revelution of any sort?

What is your gender?
What does this mean to you?
What does it mean sexually?

now answer these question honestly. it's just between me and you. no one else. if i quote an answer in the slide show, i won't quote with a name... unless that turns you on... giggle. ummm... and i think that is it...
just email me your answers at

thanks a million and a half!
dave e wo.
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