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what do you think about the fact that i am willing to spend $500+ on a trip to kansas to meet someone I have known through the phone and internet for 3 years? We used to talk every night over the phone for about a year and now most of our communication is over the net.

this person was like my best friend until he moved there but all this without ever meeting in person. We tried once but he had a death in his family thus leading to him moving to Kansas. I care alot about him bc I feel I know him better bc I have never had to see him, just talk to him, getting in his head. This isnt like an I LOVE HIM type deal but we have both said I love you to each other but more as friends I think (I hope).

and I am very sure he is the guy he says he is. I have so much reassurance on that its ridiculous, so thats not the problem. The wierdnessof the situation of meeting people fromt he internet is what is holding me back. Have any of you met paople off the internet from far away and not just locally? What is your experiancea?

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