lonely for a place i've never been (disguisedasme) wrote in thequestionclub,
lonely for a place i've never been

girl question

This is really a question just for girls. Guys, there is really no problem reading it, but unless you're a doctor (and most likely, a particular kind of doctor) I highly doubt you can help me...

So, prom is coming up, and, looking at my case of birth control, I'm due for my period that weekend. No way do I want this to happen...and since I'm on birth control, I know that I can manipulate when I get my period, and I am going to. I have two options, as far as I can tell...The first is to stop my pills a week early and get my period then, and start the pills up again after the week, and the second is to not stop taking them at all and just go right to my new pack, if even for a just a few days, so that I get it late. If there are better options than these, let me know. I really, really need to do this. So, which method should I use? And how will I handle the following month? (Like, if I stop it early, should I use the pills I skipped plus an entire new pack the next month, or just do the usual four-week thing? I don't know how I'll explain any discrepancies to the clinic, but that's not a really big issue, I imagine they hear this kind of stuff all the time.) Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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