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weird girl stuff

ok. So I was in a bar the other afternoon and i was with a friend..and there was this girl (she was the bartender) and as my friend was ordering drinks, she wasnt really paying attention..she was smiling and looking at me the whole time...and it was really she forgot what the order was after my friend stopped talking. and she says blah blah blah? and my friend says no..2 blah blahs and one blah... (i replaced blah's with the drink names because i soooo cant remember :P)

anyway. This girl was really cute, and she continued to look at me for the rest of the day..and everytime i looked back...she kind of stopped looking? lol

I remembered that a friend of mine works in the Grill at the back..and i spotted him, and i ran over to him and talked to him..we're going to catch up later this week....

Should I ask him about this girl?
like if she's single or anything?
should i think anything of it???
was she just being friendly?...i've been there heaps of times before..and no one is THAT friendly...weird though :/

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