Me (bridgelene) wrote in thequestionclub,

Good lord, I posted the "Who's your favorite friend?" question yesterday and I have gotten so much crap in my inbox.

My history is that I had watched maybe 1 or 2 episodes ever until this semester when my gf came to my school and she's hooked on it. Now I'm rather hooked myself. I realize that it may not be the most thought provoking show in the world, but I still think it's good in more ways than one. And entertaining. But y'know, that's for me.

Moving onto my question. What is it with you all, that it seems like every single time (not very often) I post a question in here, I get a shitload of snarky replies and you all fighting with each other? All delivered right back to my email inbox. I can understand people not liking the show, and being sick of all the publicity, as someone mentioned, or even some playing around and just talking shit. But really. Even if you don't like it and feel inclined to comment, can't you just say "Don't have one, I don't like the show."? Or for the loyal fans, do you have to shoot it right back at them? Isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion?

Sorry, I'm just a bit sick of it.
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