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VRMs and Typing

Technical question:
Do the Voltage Regular Modules (VRMs) that are used on dual-processor motherboards follow some sort of standard, or does each motherboard manufacturer make their own?

I have a VRM that I pulled from a uni-processor Micron board that I'd like to use in an Intel PR-440FX board that I'm going to be getting from a coworker. It would be nice to be able to use what I already have, rather than hunting down another VRM on eBay.


Non-technical question:
Do you use the shift key for your non-dominant hand? (e.g. If you're left handed, do you use the right shift key?) Do you type using the "proper" method, (with your hands on the home row?

I just noticed the other day that I always use the right shift key when I'm typing (I'm right handed).

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