nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in thequestionclub,
nowhere man

who knows watches?

i have a cigar box full of old wristwatches. i'd say they are mostly around 20-50 years old and in fairly good condition. i don't know much about watches but among the ones that work are a sanford, a girard perregreaux, some elgins, several omegas and a seiko. there is also a really pimp gold bulova that only works horizontally, and an art deco ladies' elgin that doesn't work but looks really cool. which of these brands are most desirable?
the reason i ask is because the other day at work, some guy tried to buy my watch off me. it's a vintage (probably 50s) longines that's kinda beat up but otherwise runs fine. he offered me $116 cash, but it was my grandfather's, so i won't sell it. he also told me about how he bought a vintage sanford off ebay for $225. the guy works at the mall where i also work, and tomorrow i plan to make some offers. so, judging from what he offered me the other day, what do you think are some good price ranges for the other watches i have? also, do you think a vintage longines is worth $116, or more/less than that? (not i'd ever sell it, just wondering)

i suppose i could take pictures if it would help... but mainly i'd just like to know which brands are most desirable. thanks.

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