Bumblebee Zero (onnawufei) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Two questions for those of you who go the way of animal rights:

1. Does that extend to insects and other such "pests" as well?

2. If you have a pet that might like to hunt things, but doesn't need to, how does that work out?

1. Yes. Yesterday I killed a spider (I'm afraid of them) and I felt horrible for it. If it can be helped I don't even kill bugs, and I wouldn't dream of killing something like a mouse, even though people see them as pests.

2. I'll admit, I let my cat "play" with bugs and lizards, which are all he can really get. He's a HUGE scaredy cat (he was afraid of a turtle... that wasn't even moving!) so I encourage him to follow his instincts and actually be a cat from time to time.

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