words and dreams and a million screams (moshimishi) wrote in thequestionclub,
words and dreams and a million screams

1. Do you keep random tiny things people give you as gifts? An example being my brother a year or so ago gave me this really twisty, curly twig. He woke me up and was just like "Look! A stick!" and walked away. I still have it sitting on my shelf.

2. Do you keep a (physical, paper) journal? What kind of things do you put in it?

3. What do you say in this situation (preferably something gentle and delicate, though it's not necessary):
person: Hey, what's wrong?
you: Nothing, I'm just tired.
person: I can tell something is wrong.
you: ...
person: I think I'm pretty good at being able to tell how people are feeling, aren't I?

Let me clarify: the situation is not that I don't want to talk about it, it's that they think I'm upset when I'm not and are asking for confirmation that they're great at understanding people when they're totally misunderstanding.

4. Under what circumstances do you think it's justified or unjustified to quit something just because you're not enjoying it? Or do you think you should always enjoy what you're doing?

1. Yes, and I always wonder about it because some of my friends will throw things out immediately and others will keep them forever.
2. Yeah, and I glue/tape a lot of things in there, be it meaningful or insignificant, just to have something to look back on or something.
3. My answer: "It's a nice quality to have."
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