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The 3:10 to Yuma

        Say you are (for whatever reason) responsible for guarding a prisoner that is set to be transferred to a train and then taken to another prison to be hanged.  The reason why this man is to be hanged is because he held up a bank and a man got shot trying to stop the robbers (he had been warned not to make any sudden moves.)  

So you are sitting there, by yourself, and the prisoner starts talking - he's a nice guy and while he talks he offers you fifty-thousand dollars to let him escape.  Now since you two are alone it would be easy to let him escape, and make it look like he over powered you, and for the sake of the question you will be guaranteed the fifty thousand dollars if he leaves.  

Question:  Do you take the 50K and let the man go?

Question:  What would it take to let a wanted man like him go?
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