LisaKat (tastekitty) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. what games did you play as a kid that were probably not "normal"? meaning games you made up and don't think other kids played, or if you explained now would sound strange.

2. what were your favorite things to pretend to be?

my answers behind the cut

1. there are a few i can think of that i played with my sister and cousins. one was a game we called "child abuse" where we would take our baby dolls and throw them down the stairs, beat their heads into the wall, throw them in the basketball hoop, etc while screming "child abuse!" we thought it was hilarious. none of us were ever abused in any way as kids and it's kinda fucked up we thought it was funny.

we also frequently played "bartender" which involved one kid going behind my grandfather's bar and pretending to pour alcohol in the "little cups" (shot glasses) for the other kids. my grandfather also has "booby cups" which were glasses shaped like tits, which we got a kick out of as well. this was before we even understood what alcohol was or that it made you drunk.

2. i liked to pretend i was a dog a lot. or a ninja turtle.

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