Proloto (proloto) wrote in thequestionclub,

I brought my car to the shop yesterday (Kost Tire ... I think its a chain) ANYWAY. I wanted them to fix a clanking noise my car was making when I took left turns. They drove my car around, said they heard the noise, and told me they could fix it, that it was probably the stabalizer links.

Ok, whatever, im not a car person.

So they charge me 90 bucks, do SOMETHING to my car and call me later to pick it up. I drive my car off, and I think that I can still here some noise (this noise is variable, sometimes I hear it sometimes I don't) I havn't driven my car yet, but I will be all next week.

soooo.... I've had some trouble with mechanics in the past charging me to fix stuff that was never really wrong with my car to begin with in an effort to fix the problem that I actually WANT them to fix. It sounds like guess work to me. I'm not paying someone who is supposed to be a professional to GUESS.

So my question is. What can I do about this if I still hear the noise next week? Can I ask for my money back? Should I call them up and bitch to them about it until they agree to kiss my feet and apologize? If they refuse to do anything to rectify their mistake, what are my options?

Related question: When did it become standard practice in America to pay people even when they don't preform their service correctly? I wouldn't pay my barber if he cut a giant gash into my hair, why should I pay my machanic for not fixing my car?
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