mark of the judas (misfit) wrote in thequestionclub,
mark of the judas

Shoes- youth sizes versus adult

Does anyone wear youth size sneakers (US youth sizes 4-6)? Can you tell a difference in fit between youth and adult sizes that are equivalent?

There is a significant price difference between the youth sizes of these shoes and the adult sizes of the same style shoes. I wear a 5 mens/7 women's size in sneakers, so in theory I could order the youth size 5 and save money. One website I read said that youth sizes are sometimes more narrow than adult sizes, but I wouldn't know if that's true for this style unless I tried them on in a store... and I'd rather order online and avoid searching in stores for them.

*ETA: Shoes have been ordered on, in women's size for cheaper than Thanks to everyone for the input, especially the link!*
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