Tabby (dominsane) wrote in thequestionclub,

1.Do you hate when someone says "i'm so stupid" and..expects you to disagree with them? (does that question make sense?) Have you ever agreed with someone when they said something like that?

2. Have you had appendicitis?
3. Is there a limit on how many posts someone can make per day in this community?
Two months ago, I got appendicitis. My best friend(at the time) was living with me.
I was at the hospital for a week, and she never called or visited.
When I got home, she had moved out. That day, we talked online..she kept saying "i'm so stupid" and "i'm a fucking idiot." And I agreed with her. She never actually apologized and she never asked me how I was doing.

1. it's annoying, but i do it all the time. i agreed with my friend. but when my SO does it, i try to make him feel better, even if he was an idiot. <3 2. mmhm.
3. i read the rules for the community, but i didn't see anything related to how many times someone can post. maybe i just missed it? No more posting for me today, then. Thanks. <3
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