jiggii (ballena) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok, so I'm chief bridesmaid for a friend who is getting married in Newcastle (UK). None of her family/ friends live anywhere near Newcastle, so don't know the area, and most of us live at least a boat journey away!

She's decided she wants to go for a meal and then a club, possibly with a stripper, somewhere in Newcastle. I think she's going to arrange where (although any suggestions for a venue gratefully accepted!).

However, myself and the other bridesmaids (who I've never met...) thought it would be nice to do something to surprise her aswell. If she organises the venue etc, we thought perhaps we could arrange for champagne to be delivered or a cake or something, but it all seems a bit boring!

Any ideas for something we could do to surprise her that is a bit unique, and not too expensive? I've seen some hen packages with things like quad biking or pampering sessions etc, but it's all a bit much considering most people will be paying over £150 just to get there.

Thanks for any ideas!

(cross posted a little, sorry)

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