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It seems that about a month ago while filling out an online form I somehow screwed up the phone number. I put my name and the right address, but the phone number....I don't know what happened...the last two numbers are wrong. Anyway, the lady who actually has this phone number is now getting calls for me 10 or 12 times a day. Using my IP address she found my phone number and address, and when I came home one day last week there was a letter taped to my front door from her. She is giving me two weeks to have the calls stopped or she'll take me to court. The sheriff's department told her she could sue on the grounds of fraud and harassment. I wrote her a letter and told her of some options that the phone company has to stop calls like that, and that once that number is on a list is damn near impossible to get it off. She emailed me today saying (again) that I had two weeks to stop the calls or she would take me to court, and made no mention of wanting to try to get the phone company to help. Oh, and I have no idea which website this form was on or I would have started with that to try and fix this.

My questions are:

1. Is this really something you can be sued for?

2. How would I go about trying to get her number 'unassociated' with my name?

Thanks for any help!


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