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I'm kinda sick right now, cold type sniffles mixed with queasyness, but I'm also feeling really restless, what are some things I can do to amuse myself?
What are the best websites/books for info about the London and New York punk scenes of the '70s/'80s?
How would you react if you locked your keys in your room and were locked into your apartment, couldn't get to any of your own things but had access to the bathroom and kitchen and your flatmates decided that since they had only just arrived at the shops they were going to just stay and shop and get back in about 5 hours?
I'm incredibly apathetic about my health right now, it's to do with depression, I'm seeing a psychologist about it but I still just can't bring myself to do anything, any advice for getting past the apathy?
Have you ever had a really strange, random crush on somebody?
For me the most random would be H. R. Giger.

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