Captain America (listenlouder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain America

1. do you like Clay Aiken? (for his singing,looks, attitude, etc)

2. do you watch Scrubs? favorite episode? why/why not?

3. have you seen the one with Clay Aiken? ( you can watch it here:

4. does YouTube own your life?

My Answers:

1. yes. he's a great singer, and he seems like a genuine guy trying to do good in the world.

2. i live overseas, and they don't air it here, but i watched it whenever it was on in the states. i love it, hilarious show. Zach Braff is awesome. i don't have a favorite episode since i haven't seen the latest ones, but i'm sure they are good.

3. yes, i freakin' loved it. i've recently become a Clay Aiken fan, and cannot get enough of him.

4. yes. i bow down to the YouTube gods.

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