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For the Spanish speakers out there...

I'm reading up on ETA on Spanish news sites (specifically elmundo.es) for a class... I'm fairly proficient in Spanish but not fluent.  Many articles mention "un alto el fuego" or "el alto el fuego" which clearly cannot be literally translated because it makes no sense.  I've tried to just pretend that I don't need to know what it means (hah) but it seems pretty vital. Does it mean like a "cease fire?" Here's an example of one of the sentences.

"EL 22 de marzo de 2006, la organización terrorista ETA hace público un comunicado en el que anuncia un «alto el fuego permanente», efectivo a partir de las 00.00 horas del día 24, con el objetivo de «impulsar un proceso democrático en Euskal Herria»."
Edit: Answered... thanks guys!

and here's some other questions so I don't leave people out.

1. What do you believe more--what people do or what they say?
2. What's the last book you read for pleasure? Would you recommend it?
2a. If you're in school, what's the last book you had to read for school? Did you learn anything from it? (Er, if this relates to you in work somehow you can go ahead and answer this as well...)
3. What's your favorite kind of ice tea? (Is it iced tea or ice tea? I confuse this for some reason.)
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