Urban sprawl of standardized housing. (subtopia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Urban sprawl of standardized housing.

Weight Loss Commercials, ick.

1. Does anyone get increasingly tired of TV commercials being centered on weight loss centers? I generally try to ignore commercials, but I'm noticing all these gimmicks on losing weight more and more. It's really quite sad when you see the one where they show a perfectly normal person and portray them as "fat". 

2.  What do you think about taking pills to lose weight?

1.  I really hate being reminded that I'm overweight, and well most of the time I just do not care.  I'm overweight by the standards of a freakin' chart but when everyone else looks at me I appear completely normal and most people guess I weigh much less than I actually do.  Why? I work out and am packed with muscle, rar!   And sure, I got a bit of pudge too. I just hate to watch all my favorite channels and every other commercial is a stupid LA Weight Loss, diet pill, or a "Hey you arn't perfect like a model so do the worst possible thing to try to be perfect like this airbrushed person!".

2.  Come on, are you serious?  I thought there was enough education for people to realize that all it takes is eating right and exercise.  It's amazing how many people are in denial about this.  I have "tricked" myself into believing I didn't eat as much as I really did or the things I were eating wern't bad for me....but if you really want it the right way to do it is straight forward and shouldn't cost you a dime (other than the food you buy...at a grocery store).  Sure there are the occasional people who have health problems that do not allow them to lose weight and those are special cases.  I've been on weight watchers and I say I have to appreciate the fact that you do not have to buy their food to be successful and you essentially can do their program without paying them since all their information is available outside of their meetings.  I've been overweight my whole life, my mother and many of my friends are obese...and personally I do not think that makes them less of a person.  I lost weight for *ME*.  I just more people would realize that all these diet fads and pills are going to cause them to gain more weight in the long run.
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