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I have a friend who lives back in my hometown who I like talking to. However, I've always sensed that her mom hates me for reasons unknown. I've even met the woman, and I was nothing but polite to her, yet I sense some hostility there. Whenever I call and her mom picks up, she always says that my friend isn't there, and hangs up before I get a word in edgewise, or she'll say she'll go to get her, and she hangs up. I've wanted to ask her exactly what her damage is--I AM calling on MY phone, meaning that I am paying for the long-distance call--but I don't want to go down to my friend's mom's rude level. What can I do? I don't want to pull the race card (I'm black; my friend is white) because the girl's mom was nice to her other black friends, but there is just something supremely fishy about the whole thing.

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