So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
So useless and so pretty and so good

Ok, so I've wanted a tattoo since I can remember. My dad has several so I've always loved them. Thing is, I'm an extremely indecisive bitch when it comes to these things. A few years back I had a print off of the tattoo I wanted but lost it. Now I can't decide between 50 bloody things.

How did you first decide what tattoo to get?
Should I just say 'fuck it', close my eyes & randomly pick one? I'll be 50 before I get my first tattoo at this rate.

Also, apart from TattooJohnny, do you know a site where I can find some quality good designs? The stupid previews on TattooJohnny are bullshit.

Edit; When I said 'close my eyes & randomly pick one', I did not mean any random ass tattoo. I have about 10 that I love equally, I meant pick between those.
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