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Hey! I am a freshman and cheerleading try-outs are coming on fast. I was a cheerleader my 8th grade year and I made both fall and winter squad this past year, but I am getting nervous about try-outs for the upcoming school year. My toe touches haven't improved(I have been practicing) and my school isn't big on tumbling(but it impresses them big time if you are able to). I wish to be able to be a great cheerleader and I have gone to many sites to see how I can make this possible, but none seem to help all too much. Do any of you guys have any suggestions for me? (Without spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive camp). I am open for any suggestions on anything at all to help me with any aspect of cheerleading...whether it be tumbling, jumping, yelling, or getting rid of nervousness in front of a big crowd.

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