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Well my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month and a half now and around the first 2 weeks he cheated on me with his ex g/f. My mom never got an official introduction to him so he kinda started off on a bad foot with her. And now he is afraid to introduce himself at all b/c whenever my mom sees him she gives him a bad look. He thinks that my mom hates him! But, she doesn't...she only dislikes the way he treated me then. Now he is the perfect gentleman and has even stated that we're going to be together forever. But it bothers him (and me as much) b/c he thinks that my mom dislikes him. How can we get over this and not have to worry about this situation? I can't date yet b/c I am still lacking a few months from being 16, so my mom thinks that it doesn't matter what she thinks b/c I can't literally go out on a date with him yet, so she has no interaction yet. But yet it still bothers my boyfriend greatly. It bothers him so much that it had bagAn to bother me also. Last night I mentioned that I hope he never wants to give up on me b/c of my mom and he got defensive and said that no one could ever come between us. So now that factor is out of it I am a little at ease...but it still bothers him greatly. Once again, how can things get normal and to the point that he (nor I) have to worry about anything alone those lines? Please give me any suggestion what so ever I need help!!!!
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