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for the foodies/moms/aspiring cooks

I've decided to become a cook. If I'm a great cook, people will forgive me all other errors of domesticity, I think.
I'm beginning to buy all number of cooking type things, and Im a little curious...
Alright, the general gist of this question is, what makes your kitchen great?

a) Those with kids, what is an indespensible storage suggestion? (disposable rubbermaid/ziploc type things, cannisters, or what?)
b) What's something you couldnt live without?
c) What "odd" item did you never think you'd use, but do?
d) Should I buy a 'set' of pots/pans, or buy as I go along, what I'll need? (this seems to be a good reference, what do you think?)
e) How do you feel about a spice rack? What spices/herbs are essential to your cooking dried, or the best way to store them fresh?
f) What about corningware/casserole dishes? My family is by nature a group of essential southern cooks, so we're great believers in casseroles for everything, but I'm not sure if I like the look of those pans.
g) Here's a list of things I've made that I want, with ideas of where I want to get them, feel free to add items or suggest brands)
h) Finally, what are some of your favorite cooking sites/LJ communities/cookbooks?

I know that is just a TON of stuff to answer, if you'd just like to generalize, go ahead, but I didnt know where else to ask. The last cookware store(Williams Sonoma) I was in, the people were just.. icky.
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