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My friends have already read an entry about this...

A girl in my school put a hit-list (an extremely graphic one, at that) and a hate-list (which I was on even though I have minimal contact with her...whatever) on her online journal. The hit-list was really graphic, saying things like, "I want to slit their throats and then wrap their intestines around their necks like a feather boa. Then I want to hang them by their intestines." She was also suspended two years ago for trying to choke another student.
She's been suspended (though she may choose not to come back since she's made a lot of enemies with this).
1. Do you think suspension was a harsh enough punishment, or do you think she should have been expelled? (Do you think it's ever fair to punish someone for what they wrote an online journal?)
2. Supposedly, the police said they couldn't do anything because the entries "were not a direct threat to anyone". Um, what? They said it was just a diary. But it was a diary in a public forum! It was found because a student typed in her own name and it came up on a yahoo search. (This girl used first and last names.) So it's fairly easily accessible, and a lot of the replies to her posts were encouraging her violent thoughts. So, is it true that the police can't do anything? If it is, do you think there's something wrong with this?

3. (Sorry, have to ask...) Could anyone's intestines support their body weight? I mean, hearing this description, the image just kept coming to my mind...

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