Kalei Awana (kalei) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kalei Awana

Poor man's advertising

Here's a different question -

What are your feelings about finding flyers on your car?

I admit that sometimes they annoy me, but other times I read them and possibly file them away for future reference, especially if they have a coupon on them.

I need to get a little business rolling (I want to buy and re-sell video games), and I can't afford to put out a lot of advertising money right now. I made up a small flyer that basically says I'll pay cash for used video games. It's a little bigger than a business card.

My main concern is staying legal. I've been trying to find out if it's legal to do this in my county/city, and I can't find any specific rules about distributing flyers.

Another concern, obviously, is that I don't want to just annoy the crap out of all my potential customers. If I get angry phone calls I guess I'd stop, and I plan to doublecheck all the parking lots I cover to pick up flyers that people have thrown on the ground. I don't want to contribute to littering.

Sorry for the length, but I wanted to get some feedback on this idea. If any of you think this is a really bad idea, do you have any alternative suggestions for inexpensive ways to distribute flyers?

Thanks for reading.
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