I Died for Beauty (miseryincminor) wrote in thequestionclub,
I Died for Beauty

Special K!

Alright, what is this losing weight myth surrounding Special K?! I have heard loads of people swear on their life that eating it has made them lose not just some weight, but A LOT of weight, and I've even seen this weight being lost, but I started eating Special K (strawberry) for breakfast beginning of last week and since then I've gained about 5 pounds, and no longer fit into my pants. Now, I'm not saying there's any connection (the week before, I had gone to the Bronx and survived only on junk food and NY pizza), but it's just...strange.

I mean, the box says lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks, but that's eating cereal for TWO meals a day...could I still lose 6 lbs in, say, a month by eating it just for breakfast? Or should I let myself eat the normal surgary cereal that I love so much if I can't manage to eat it for breakfast AND dinner (lunch isn't possible - I eat that at school.)

I mean, is Special K for real? I hate these stupid fads I never get that never work for me. (Also, for a 5'1 girl, is 115 pounds a lot? Because I used to weigh 100 like last year, then I gained about 5 over the summer, and I've gained 10 more this year probably...stupid "freshman 15"...can't believe that shit's for real lol)
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