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You're on a 6-hour flight somewhere overseas aboard a fairly small aircraft, and you're sitting next to the only empty seat on the plane somewhere in the back. About an hour in, a flight attendant approaches you and starts to have a strange conversation with you. "One of the other passengers has died. A 50-yr old man, and it's sending the person next to him in hysterics. Would you be willing to have the man's body placed next to you for the remainder of the flight? In exchange for your sacrifice, we'll fully refund your airfare (which was over $1,000), and give you a free $1,000 flight voucher for another trip. I'm sorry, but because we're over the ocean, we cannot make an emergency landing to have the body taken away. "

So, this flight and your next flight completely on the house in exchange for having to sit next to a dead body for 5 hours, who incidently will be covered in a sheet. Would you do it?

Edit: The man died of a massive coronary during the in-flight meal, and there's bloody mary, a tossed salad and chocolate pudding all over his seat, which would make swapping seats with the man rather messy and undoable, unless you're willing to be diligent about cleaning up the mess yourself

P.S. - I'm not actually interested in how deaths are actually handled in these situations, so please no comments correcting the scenario given above. It's another 'wouldya do this...' macabre question

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