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Hypothetical situations:

1) You are offended by something someone says and she doen't know you are upset. Do you confront her about it?

2) You offend someone with something you said, and you know you've offended her. Do you confront her about it?

3) You are offended by something someone says and you email her to tell her and ask to talk about it, but she never responds and never talks to you in person. She then promises a mutual friend she's going to talk to you at a specific time and never does. Do you go confront her again, or are you finally sick of the b.s. and just say fuck the friendship since she obviously doesn't care? (This one is less hypothetical and can be expounded on more if needed.)

first off, she's my roommate's girlfriend, and not really my friend. so eh about the friendship anyway at this point.

pretty much she started bombarding me with text messages while I was at work about how she was going to purchase another ferret to go with the one my roommate and I have, and when I told her I didn't want her to do that, she said she was going to do it anyway and keep the original ferret that was mine too.

I thought it was a bunch of b.s. so I emailed her the next morning to say, "Hey, you offended me, can we talk about it?" no response. she just thinks I should forget about it since a week has passed.

I know, people are going to tell me to let it go, but I CANNOT stand when people expect someone to "let go" of something when they just are a) too afraid to talk about it or b) too full of hubris to admit they did something wrong (which, according to my roommate, both of those are valid).
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